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First day in Montauk and the sloppy tuna

Thursday morning Tom and I woke up early to try to beat the traffic out to Montauk. We stopped at Starbucks and picked up iced coffees pand their spinach, egg white and feta wraps to eat in the car. We hit traffic for about an hour but got to Montauk by 10:45.



Since we ate breakfast so early we were ready for lunch by 11 and stopped at a place my boss recommended, Hampton Chutney Company. This place is located in Amagansett and was right on our way to Montauk which was convenient.



hampton chutney co

We both ordered the Avocado dosa with chicken, arugula, tomato and cheese. I ordered mine with mango chutney while he got the cilantro chutney. Both were so so good. Out eyes widened when we first received our plates because the portions looked huge but honestly they were pretty light and neither of us had much of a problem finishing them off. This was a great recommendation by my boss and we already planned to grab lunch here on Sunday on our way out of Montauk.


We were pleasantly surprised when we got to our hotel that our room was ready (check in isn’t until 3 usually). We put our stuff in the room, changed and headed out to the beach.


It wound up being a beautiful day despite the original forecast of thunderstorms. Once the USA soccer match started I could tell Tom was antsy we weren’t watching so I suggested we find a beach bar to grab a drink and watch the game. Tom looked up places nearby and we decided on The Sloppy Tuna.




When I looked up reviews on yelp there were a few comments such as “where old men go to relive their frat days” but it turned out to be a great place to watch the game. We had a couple coronas while we watched and sat at the bar outside.

We headed back to the beach after the game and played paddle ball, soccer and laid out. We picked up an umbrella after leaving the Sloppy Tuna and Tom sat under it while I confidently sat in the sun…. And wound up being the only burnt one later in the day. I applied sunscreen but it was my first time this summer really being in the sun so I guess it was inevitable.

We had reservations at East Swallow for dinner. The restaurant is really casual (we were a little too dressed up for the scene – fisherman were coming right off their boats into the restaurant to grab drinks and food). The menu is a compilation of small plates so we ordered the calamari, butternut squash soup, chowder, shrimp tacos and a watermelon arugula salad with provolone. We shared the calamari and then I had the butternut squash soup and arugula salad while Tom had the tacos and chowder. Everything we had we loved.


We planned on sitting outside at our hotel and getting drinks but both of us were so exhausted we agreed we’d rather call it an early night and get a good nights sleep. We woke up nice and refreshed and were excited for our first full day in Montauk!