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Food Survey Part 1

I’ve been trying to get back in the swing of things since returning from Rhode Island on Monday.  I got in a good workout on tuesday but yesterday’s was a fail when I got to work and realized we had a happy hour scheduled for last night.  Needless to say I didn’t make it to the gym so I’m hoping to get there tonight.  

My meals have consisted of oatmeal for breakfast followed by salads for lunch. Tuesday night I had a tunafish sandwich for dinner since I left the gym craving one (weird) and last night our office had platters of sushi delivered for our happy hour.  The sushi was good but I woke up feeling really sick this morning and knew it wasn’t from the few glasses of wine I had.  Luckily, I’m feeling a lot better now so I plan on getting in some cardio and weights after work and having a light dinner.

Since I haven’t been taking too many pictures the past few days I figured I would fill out this food survey I found on Amanda’s blog It seems fun!


1) flavour-wise, do you prefer white breads or whole wheat?:
Whole wheat, unless its a roll, then white bread.

2) what’s your favorite type of grain to eat (oatmeal, bread, wraps, etc)?:
I eat oatmeal most mornings for breakfast and don’t eat much bread but nothing beats a hot roll of bread from the bread basket at a restaurant.

3) what’s your favorite sandwich filling?:
tunafish or peanut butter (not together…that would be gross).

4) what’s your favorite kind of bread?:
Banana.. have to go with Amanda on that one.

5) around how many servings of grain do you consume daily?:
As I mentioned, I eat oatmeal most mornings for breakfast and my lunch and dinners rarely contain grain (although I did have a tunafish sandwich for dinner on Tuesday which was very random for me).

6) what’s your favorite cracker-topping?:
Cheese or olive spread.

7) what’s your favorite thing to do with rice?:
I love brown rice in stir fry.

8) what brand of bread do you usually buy?:
I don’t usually buy bread (I’m sure this will change when I move in with Tom in the next few months).

9) what’s your favorite type of cereal?:
I don’t eat cereal often and I haven’t had this in the longest time but I love grape-nuts cereal.


10) what was your favorite type of breakfast cereal as a child?:
Cinnamon Toast Crunch was definitely a favorite but I went through a phase of loving Cookie Crisp. 



1) favorite fruit?:
Blueberries. I somehow manage to incorporate them into every single breakfast (on top of oatmeal, in smoothies, or just a handful of blueberries on the side).

2) least favorite type of fruit?:
When I was younger I hated mango, now I love it and would have to say my least favorite fruit is apricots.

3) do you drink fruit juice often?:
I try to steer clear of fruit juice because of the added sugar. I prefer to eat my fruit or mix it in a smoothie.

4) do you consider tomatoes a fruit, or a vegetable?:
Always a vegetable. 

5) do you think you eat enough fruit daily?:
Definitely. I love fruit for breakfast, a mid-morning snack and as a dessert if I’m craving something sweet.

6) do you consider fruit more important than vegetables?:
No, if I had to choose I would say vegetables are more important (fruit has a lot of sugar…even though it is natural sugar). But I enjoy fruit more than veggies.

7) what’s your favorite citrus fruit?:
Oranges but I love putting lemon in my water.


8) do you like pastries with fruit in them?:
No, I always avoid pastries with fruit and I’m not a fan of jelly. I prefer chocolate or cream with my pastries.

9) what’s your favorite flavour of jam?:
Not a big fan of jam.

10) when do you usually eat the most fruit (breakfast, snack, etc)?:
Breakfast, loaded into a smoothie or on my oatmeal.


1) when you were a kid, did you like vegetables?:
Yes, I grew up spending a lot of time at a stable (I rode horses all throughout my childhood) and would eat raw carrots like it was my job.

2) do you think you eat enough vegetables now?:
I’m trying to add more veggies to my diet but always try to have a salad with carrots, broccoli and red peppers for lunch. I also love steaming broccoli and eating it with hot sauce. Amazing.


3) what’s your favorite raw vegetable?:
Carrots and bell peppers.

veggies and hummus

4) what’s your favorite cooked vegetable?:
Broccoli, carrots, zucchini.

5) what’s your least favorite raw vegetable?:

6) what’s your least favorite cooked vegetable?:
Asparagus and brussels sprouts.


(My entire family loves brussels sprouts but me)

7) what’s your favorite kind of salad?:
Anything with grilled chicken, avocado, and cheese (Amanda nailed this one and I have to agree).

grilled chicken avocado salad

8) do you buy spaghetti sauce, or do you make your own?:
Buy but I don’t buy it much… I can’t remember the last time I did.

9) when/if you order a sub at subway or mr. sub, what vegetables do you get on it?:
I can’t be near a Subway without wanting to vomit from the smell. Tom taunts me about this every time we pass one saying we’re stopping there for lunch.

10) do you like vegetables more than fruit?:
Nope, I like fruit more!


1) what’s your favorite type of nut?:


2) what’s your least favorite type of nut?:

3) what’s your favorite type of nut-butter?:
Peanut butter always wins but I do love almond butter (but have a strong dislike for vanilla flavored almond butter, it tastes way too sweet to me).

4) are you good with portion control when it comes to nuts or nut-butters?:
If I’m mindlessly eating nuts while I’m sitting at my desk working I will over-do it so I try to portion my servings out ahead of time or else I get that gross overly full feeling but I’m very good at portioning out my almond/peanut butter in smoothies and in oatmeal. I stick to one tablespoon.

5) what’s your favorite recipe that involves nuts or nut-butters?:
Does a peanut butter and banana sandwich count? My favorite.

6) have you ever tried pea-butter or soynut butter?:
Nope I’ll have to look into them.

7) when was the last time you ate nuts?:
A tablespoon of almond butter in my oatmeal this morning.


8) is anybody close to you allergic to nuts?:

9) what’s your favorite way to use nut-butters?:
On an english muffin or in a sandwich.

10) do you think nuts are worth the calories?:
I sure do.