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Birthday Weekend in Rhode Island Recap 1

It’s been awhile and as expected, I have a lot to update you on!

I worked a half day on thursday and got home around 3:30 with just enough time to squeeze in a workout.  I only had 30 minutes to spare so I stuck with cycling (that seems to be my go-to lately) and then showered, packed up my car, picked up a few friends and made our way to Rhode Island!

The first night is always the most low key. We didn’t get in until 10 pm so we ate dinner, had a few drinks and called it a (somewhat) early night.  While the weather forecast originally said it was going to rain this past weekend, we lucked out and wound up having great weather.

On Saturday morning I woke up and ate oatmeal with almond butter and berries to start off the day. It might have been my first and last healthy breakfast in Rhode Island…

While the weekend weather was great, friday morning started off a little gloomy. My friend Kris and I took the kayaks out and decided to row to a cove which is on the other side of the bridge. 

kayaking 2 kayaking Once we got to the cove we decided to take a break from rowing and hung out on the cliffs for awhile while we enjoyed the view.

Kayaking in Jamestown Newport BridgeThe tide changed while we were on the cliffs so we wound up rowing against the current both ways. By the time we got back to the house our arms and shoulders were dying. We pulled up to the house just in time to catch our other friends on their way out on the motorboat so we hopped on to join. 

Hank on the boat 2 Hank on the boatHank also decided to join.

Before we knew it, it was 3 pm and we needed to make it to Art in Ice to pick up an order before 4. 

Art of IceIt took us longer than expected and we didn’t get back until 5:30 which was just enough time to hop in the shower and get ready for dinner in Newport.  Once everyone was ready we took the boat over and managed to get a group picture on the way!

Prospector dinner in NewportI had originally made reservations at The Mooring but there was a problem with our reservation (basically they lost it / said they wouldn’t make a reservation for this large of a group but we had confirmed it on the phone a few days before). Since it was a friday night in Newport at 7:30 we thought it would be impossible to find a table anywhere to fit our group. We stopped at five restaurants before one of the hostesses recommended a place called Christie’s which she said was really underrated.

“Located in Downtown Newport, Christie’s transforms casual coastal into a hip and modern experience. From the swing seating, the outdoor dining and the 20 person communal table, there is a fun spot for everyone to eat, drink and lounge. Christie’s serves traditional New England coastal fare with a twist like Fried Oysters and Lobster Mac & Cheese – there are also playful menu items like White Clam Flatbread Pizza and Lobster & Crab Deviled Eggs. Try a Christie’s signature cocktail or a craft beer!” 

The restaurant was basically empty when we arrived so we were a little skeptical. We were seated right away at the 20 person communal table which wound up being perfect.  We started with a variety of appetizers such as the vegetable crostini, fried oysters, cod croquettes, fried calamari and one each of the fish, meat and cheese boards. I tried one of the fried oysters, vegetable crostini and the fried calamari and all were delicious. 

For my entree I ordered New England Clam Chowder and the Summer Squash Flatbread. It was a lot of food but everything was so good that I had no problem finishing everything off (although Tom did help me finish off the clam chowder so I can’t take all the credit).

Christie's Clam ChowderChristie's Summer SquashI agree that Christie’s is completely underrated. Everyone was raving about it as we left. Not only was the food delicious but their drinks were amazing. I had the Newport Mule which consisted of Ketel One, ginger puree and fresh lime and by the end of our meal everyone on our side of the table was drinking them. If you ever go to Christie’s, I’d highly recommend getting a Newport Mule! I will definitely be recreating it at home.

After dinner we were all full and ready to get back to the house to enjoy the ‘order’ we placed at Art in Ice.

Ice LugeNothing like an ice luge to end the night, right?