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A Late Weekend Recap 6.24.14

Weekends have been seeming a lot longer now that football season has arrived and I’m not complaining!


I left off last Thursday letting you guys know that any plans to go home home and study were quickly thwarted when Tom mentioned it was National Cheeseburger Day. Sure enough, after work I met him at a new restaurant in Hoboken called Bareburger which sells all-natural burgers, snacks and shakes.  I ordered a customized burger that included beef, cheddar, green leaf, sweet pickles and special sauce on a brioche bun.  I also got a side of sweet potato fries which was HUGE and definitely could be shared between 2-3 people. The burger was okay but after all the hype I heard about this place, specifically “it will change your life”, which was repeated to me by friends and even our waiter, I was a little disappointed. I do want to go back and try their black bean, sweet potato & wild rice, or turkey burgers.


Friday I woke bright and early to my friend dropping off his sister’s dog for the day.  Since I usually watch my brother’s dog, Hank, on Fridays I agreed to look after his sister’s dog, Brody, while he went to work. Let me just say, I can’t imagine taking care of two dogs every day, let alone two children. I was exhausted by the end of the day.

Hank is young and wants to constantly play so he was bothering Brody all day long while Brody just wanted to chill.

Hank and BrodyThis is Hank pestering Brody.

BrodyBrody begging me to save him.

HankLisa and I finally decided to take them to the dog park to release some energy, which helped for about 20 minutes when we got back before they were back at it. Thankfully I got my workout in before picking up Hank otherwise I don’t think I would’ve had the energy to get to the gym later!

Friday night I was more than ready to go out for dinner and drinks when Tom got out of work.  We decided to head to McCloone’s and got a table next to the bar.  We split guacamole to start, which was delicious, but my entree (which is intended as an appetizer but was perfectly satisfying as a meal) was SO SO good.

veggie flatbreadI apologize for the dark photo but this veggie flatbread was mouthwateringly good. Artichoke, goat cheese, spinach, balsamic drizzle and roasted red peppers.

We also had a few of the specialty drinks before calling it a night.


The entire day saturday was spent running errands for our apartment.  We can get in and out of stores in record timing (we have no tolerance for dillydallying) and made stops at Ashley’s Furniture, Raymour and Flanigan and IKEA.  On our way to IKEA we were already over furniture shopping and made a pit stop to look at puppies.

puppiesThen it was on to IKEA! Believe it or not, it was my first time at IKEA. I know, I must be living under a rock. It was definitely an experience. We did find a TV stand that we like but unfortunately we have to go back to get it this weekend. We thought we could order it online and get it delivered but scheduling a specific date of delivery is not very feasible online. Oh well.

After IKEA we stopped at the Container Store. Almost my first time. I LOVED it. I love organizing and was basically in heaven. Tom was definitely not in heaven… he’s not one for shopping. We did get a lot of things we needed though and I feel a lot more prepared for the move!


Sunday was the Giants game and thankfully they finally WON. Football, food, friends and family—doesn’t get much better than that.

Giant's tailgate

Giant's game

Giant's ChardonnayGiant’s Chardonnay- how cool!


I was absolutely exhausted on Monday. These long weekends are fun but they really take a toll! I spent the day doing work, packing and getting my CPR Certification.  I took the ferry over to the city and took a 3-hour class to get the certification. It was very informative and interesting and I now feel prepared in case of an emergency!

This was my view while waiting for the ferry back.

SunsetI can’t believe it’s Wednesday already! This recap is coming a little late but once this move is over (6 more days!) I’m hoping to post more regularly. Tonight’s plans include going out to dinner with Tom—it’s our 4 year anniversary! I’m not sure where we’re going yet but I’m already looking forward to dinner and a glass of wine! Have a great night!