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Holiday Week Pictures – Cleo, Family and NYG

It’s been awhile! Between our new puppy and the holidays things have been busy busy busy. I had an amazing Christmas at home with my family and got to see both my mom’s side of the family and my dad’s, including my two uncles who live in Colorado and San Francisco who were home for the holidays.  Spending time with family is the best.

Here are a few highlights from the past two weeks:


Cleo falling asleep on my shoulder.


A few good workouts before the holidays.

mexican casserole

Mexican casserole I made for me, Tom and my brother.


Baked goods from a German bakery my brother brought over enjoyed with hot chocolate and baileys.
holiday party

A holiday party with my best friends. Wearing my traditional black santa hat that I’ve had for about 6 years now…


Relaxing with Cleo the day after the Christmas party.

cleo's christmas outfit

I bought Cleo a Christmas outfit.cleo

 She didn’t seem to love it. beef and broccoli

Beef and broccoli recipe from the Skinnytaste smoothie

Back on the smoothie train.cleo in her sweater

My mom bought Cleo a few new sweaters and they are adorable.

cleo sleeping

Falling asleep in my hand.

grandma and cleo

Grandma meeting Cleo.stephen, cleo, hank

My brother, Stephen and the pups on Christmas.
ali and cleo

Cleo and me on Christmas morning.


My sister bought Cleo a new bed and she did not get out of it all day.carvel

Soft serve vanilla ice-cream with rainbow sprinkles from carvel = heaven. My sister, her boyfriend and I went looking for matching pajamas for New Year’s Eve and decided ice cream was needed after going to about five different stores during our search.ali and tom giants game

Tom and me and at the Giants vs. Eagles game.liz dan tom ali

Tom’s best friend, Dan, was visiting from Texas with his girlfriend and they came to the game with us. Lucky for us, it was 50 degrees which is abnormally warm for this time of the year. Usually the last game of the season is freezing!Giants GameA great time but an unfortunate loss.

I apologize for the photo dump but I haven’t posted in awhile and had a lot to catch up on! I’m back in the office for the day and then off the rest of the week. My friends and I rented a house in the Poconos for New Year’s Eve and we leave Wednesday and are staying through Saturday. We hope to get some snowboarding in on Friday and spend lots of time relaxing before getting back to our normal schedules. I’ll check back in tomorrow and Wednesday but then will probably be MIA again until next Monday. Then it will be back to a normal posting schedule around here! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday spent with loved ones!