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At Home Body Weight Workout

This week was hectic and I couldn’t be happier that it’s Friday! Just a few more hours until the weekend and I can’t wait to sit on my couch tonight with a glass of wine, order takeout and watch a movie. It’s the little things.

Tonight will be spent relaxing and then tomorrow we have a pretty busy day. I plan to do a workout at home or at the gym depending on how late I sleep and then we’re meeting with a potential dog walker for Cleo. It’s been amazing having my brother watch her while we’re at work but it’s not realistic long-term so we’re going to slowly transition her by having a walker two days a week.

She’s definitely going to miss her playdates with my brother’s dog, Hank, that’s for sure.

Cleo and Hank

Ugh. Her ears <3

After our meeting with the walker we’re taking Cleo for her next round of shots and then we’ll be heading home to get ready before Tom’s parents arrive. Both of our parents have been coming to Hoboken frequently lately to spend time with us and go to dinner and it’s been amazing. The previous months were packed with everyone prepping for the holidays so it’s been nice to have some relaxed quality time together this month!

Our Sunday plans will probably include making appetizers to bring over to my brother’s apartment where we’ll end the day watching the puppy bowl and Super Bowl. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

And if you’re looking for a body-weight workout to do at home over the weekend, try this one out!

At Home Body Weight Workout

Complete Group 1 four times through before moving
onto Group 2 and completing Group 2 four times through

group1 group2