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Weekend Recap 3.30.15 – Wine Riot, Speakeasy and I’m a Bridesmaid!

I drank a lot of wine this weekend, guys. The only consolation is that Tom and I spent Friday doing absolutely nothing but sitting on the couch and recovering from the Shakey Graves concert the night before. Once Saturday rolled around, the wine didn’t stop flowing until Sunday night. Here are a few snapshots from the weekend:


Got home early enough to catch the sunset from our balcony.


Penne alla vodka for dinner and Parks and Recreation in bed with Tom and Cleo = heaven.



Tom, my brother, Stephen, his girlfriend Melina and I went to the Wine Riot in NYC on Saturday. It’s basically a huge wine tasting – 250 wines in 4 hours. It was amazing.

tom and ali wine riot tom and ali wine riot 2

image_7 image_6

Saturday wound up being a long day. After the wine riot, which ended at 5 pm, we went to a speakeasy called The Roost. For those who aren’t familiar, a speakeasy is place where alcohol could be “safely” purchased during the era of prohibition in the US. They were called speakeasies “because of the practice of speaking quietly about such a place in public, or when inside it, so as not to alert the police or neighbors.” Usually the bars were disguised as hair salons, coffee shops, etc and you would use a ‘code word’ or something similar to get into the bar portion of the establishment. It was my first time going to one and it was pretty cool to go through the small coffee shop at the from to get to the bar/lounge area in the back.

Once we left the bar we took an uber back to Hoboken, walked the dogs and then met a group of friends at Arthur’s for dinner. It was my first time at this steakhouse and it was so good. I ordered french onion soup (which I definitely recommend getting there) and a caesar salad. The restaurant is so much bigger than it appears and has four different rooms with seating. Tom already requested that we go back within the next few weeks.

After dinner we walked to a nearby bar where I decided I was done drinking so I just hung out for awhile until it got late. I went home to get to bed early since I had a full day planned on Sunday with my friends from home and didn’t want to be too exhausted to enjoy it!


My best friend got engaged a few months ago and her sister reached out to our group of girlfriends a couple weeks ago saying she wanted to surprise Cailey with a girls day to celebrate her engagement. On Sunday morning we all met at her sister’s house and piled in her car to go surprise Cailey at her apartment. Little did we know the surprise was on us and she had set up a breakfast to ask us to be her bridesmaids!


Each place setting had an envelope addressed to us, a bottle of wine, a wine glass with our initials and a picture of us with the bride-to-be.



After breakfast, Cailey’s fiancé drove us over to a winery and we spent the day wine tasting, eating lunch and listening to a live band.



Once the winery closed at 5:50 we walked down by the creek to take some pictures before heading home.
image_20 image_19 image_18 image_17 image_16
The bridal party! 

On our way back from the winery something really scary happened — we drove past a house where the garage was completely up in flames. The owners were frantically running about and trying to put the fire out with a hose. We called 911 and thankfully, with the help of a few neighbors, the owners were able to put the fire out. I still have no idea how they managed to put it out considering how large the fire was – half the house was up in flames! Just as we were leaving the fire department was arriving – I hope there wasn’t too much damage!

After calming down a bit, we picked up sushi on our way back and ate it at Cailey’s sister’s apartment while I waited for my train. I tried a sweet potato tempura roll which was sooo good. Definitely a new favorite that I’m looking forward to ordering again. Once I finished eating I got dropped off at the train station to head home. While waiting for the train I spotted one of my best friends from high school who I haven’t seen in awhile and it was nice to spend the hour train ride catching up!

Now I’m looking forward to a relaxing week before going home for Easter next weekend!

How was your weekend?