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A late weekend recap and a photo dump

Last weekend Tom and I headed home to my parents’ house to spend the weekend. Our plan was to stop at the stable on the way home so Tom could watch me ride but he wound up getting a nail in his tire and had to take his car to the dealership to get it fixed. He dropped me and Cleo off at the stable and we caught a ride home with my mom after I rode.  Tom has ‘summer Fridays’ (he has off) so we’re planning on him coming to watch another time before the summer’s out.

Friday night we had plans to go to my nana and granddaddy’s house for dinner to celebrate Father’s Day. My grandfather hasn’t been home for Father’s Day in years so my family wanted to do something to celebrate him finally being home! He’s usually always racing (sailboat racing) on Father’s Day, he’s an amazing sailor and has won too many races to count. It’s really amazing and admirable how he still goes on these trips to race at his age, I can’t imagine how tiring it is!

We spent the night drinking cocktails, eating reallyyy good food and watching the sunset from my grandparents’ backyard.

sunset fruit cake


Saturday we celebrated two of my best friends’ birthdays, Eric and Cailey. Eric had a pool party with so many outdoor games to play, food, drinks and music. It was a lot of fun.

ali and court

Courtney and I were a little too obsessed with these blow up swans from the pool.

court cailey ali

Courtney, Cailey (the birthday girl!) and me in our white pants.


Some of the guys hanging in the hot tub.

court lisa cailey aliCourtney, Lisa, Cailey and I trying to get it together for a picture.

ali court lisa

Me, Courtney and Lisa – we didn’t let the rain ruin our fun

On Father’s Day Tom and I drove to get bagels for my family before Tom left to spend Father’s Day with his family. The rest of the day included a much needed nap and then barbecuing at home. My grandma (my dad’s mom) came to spend the day with us and we had fun catching up, watching my dad open his presents and eating a delicious flank steak my mom made. By the end of Sunday I was ready to face plant in my bed and the second I got home Cleo and I did just that.

and now here are a few random photos from my phone I decided to throw in as a ‘photo dump’ of sorts:


This has been my favorite thing to do lately. I try to get outside (weather permitting) and just enjoy the fresh air while reading a book at least once a day. I’ve been flying through some books lately which I’ll review in a blog post soon.


Cleo wanting to play with her toy but too tired to even lift her head.

spinach and ricotta TJ's pizzaThis spinach and ricotta pizza from Trader Joe’s Tom and I threw in the oven the other night was so good. Since I’ve had my car in Hoboken lately I’ve been making plenty of Trader Joe’s stops and I’ve been loving trying new (to me) items.

NYC skylineI took Cleo for a walk along our favorite Hudson River-side route twice this week and she’s had a huge smile on her face each time. It finally feels like summer!

tired Cleo

This picture kills me. After the stable yesterday Cleo was so tired that she kept falling asleep standing up.

I’ll be back tomorrow with some of my favorite Trader Joe’s products! Have a great rest of your day!