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Birthday Weekend in Rhode Island – Recap #2

If you missed the recap of my first few days in Rhode Island you can catch up here. After my birthday on Thursday, I was exhausted on Friday morning. Recovering from nights out just seems to get harder and harder. Most of the day was spent laying out back and we spent the night grilling and hanging out at the house which was a nice change of pace from the previous two nights’ activities. My best friend from college (and Little in my sorority), Dolores, came up after work and arrived around 10 pm. We hung out on the back patio for awhile before my eyes wouldn’t stay open any longer and we went to bed to recharge for the next day.

Saturday wound up being a beautiful day (we really lucked out with the weather while we were up there, the predicted week of storms turned into beautiful days of sun and the only day it really rained was the day we were leaving)! I started off the day with a three mile run which consisted of lots of hills, which were nice to incorporate since I’ve been running on the track a lot recently. After my run I ate a piece of french toast and two pancakes that my mom was making for everyone. I hadn’t had either in forever and they were so good and a welcome change from my usual smoothie or yogurt.

The rest of the day was spent in the best way possible – drinking fruity rum drinks while sitting out on the water.

dolores and ali

Dolores and me

dolores and ali dolores and ali

Saturday night we went out in Newport at our usual spots – The Deck and Dockside, which are located right next to each other on the water. We took the ferry over from Jamestown and got dropped off a few streets over from the bars so after a short walk we got to an already packed Dockside. Dockside has three different bars, one where you first walk in and there’s a huge wrap-around bar and a live band playing, another event room with a main stage and a bar in the back, and an outdoor area with a bar and seating out on the deck. We started in the first room dancing to the live band and then some of us went out to the outdoor bar where the scene is a lot quieter. Since I was in a dancing mood I didn’t stay outside long and we all eventually made it in to the room with the main stage where Never in Vegas was playing. We spent the rest of the night dancing and singing until making it over to The Deck for a drink before calling it a night.

Sunday morning my friend Courtney, my brother’s girlfriend, Melina, and I went into Newport to do some shopping. Usually the shopping the Newport is great and I leave with a lot of great finds but this time we didn’t have much luck and decided to nix the shopping and meet up with the boys for a drink at Smoke House Bar and Grill. I had the Cojito and it was amazing.



We were all starving at this point so our friend James recommended a restaurant right on the water he had been with his family, The Port Seafood Grill & Bar. The atmosphere was great, it was right on the water, there was a live band, and the restaurant decor was really unique as if you were in the hull of a ship. The one thing we were disappointed in was the service which was slow and our server seemed to be a bit out of it (someone mentioned they thought he might even be drunk?). Other than that the food was pretty good, not the best I’ve had in Newport but I’d return for the scenery and music out on the deck.

The rest of Sunday was spent just hanging out at the house. We ordered pizza for dinner and all spread all over the living room with pillows and blankets to watch a scary movie. We rented Insidious 2 which definitely had me covering my eyes a few times anticipating some scary pop-out scenes but turned out to be kind of meh (for lack of a better term).

Monday morning we all pitched in to clean the house and then hit the road back home. I’ve spent the past few days getting everything together for the start of my classes, getting groceries, and doing some research for the trip Tom and I are planning for January. My first class, Anatomy and Physiology, is later today so wish me luck!