Weekend Recap 2.22.16 and I Started ClassPass

Three weeks ago I signed up for ClassPass so I could take classes in the city with my roommate from college, Lindsay. She had been wanting me to sign up for awhile and after getting a discount code through her membership I finally caved and signed up.

I have been LOVING it. Before starting ClassPass I don’t think I had seen Lindsay in over a year despite the fact that she lives in NYC where I go to school every day. Life can get pretty busy and we both have made plans and cancelled numerous times. Now, we take a boxing class together every Tuesday night and it’s one of my favorite days of the week. I used to take boxing at CKO in Paramus when I lived at home after college and really missed it. It’s such a fun workout that is great for relieving stress and working your whole body. We’ve been alternating between Title Boxing Club and Overthrow Boxing. Title Boxing Club incorporates a lot of bag work while Overthrow includes a lot more footwork and instructional training which is great for improving your technique. Each time I leave a class I feel exhausted in the best way and I’ve really started to see a difference in my arms which have always been a struggle for me to tone.

Another class I’ve been taking each week is rowing. Each Friday night when I get home I walk Cleo, change into my workout clothes and get to the rowing studio by 5:30. It’s such a high intensity workout that not only works your shoulders and back but is a killer workout for your quads (and the class also incorporates weight training and core work which provides a nice break from the rowing portion of the class). I love starting my weekend off feeling accomplished from this workout and hope to continue this Friday tradition each week!

My workout schedule this past week looked like this:

Monday: Insanity Cardio
Tuesday: Overthrow Boxing
Wednesday: 40 minute cycling workout
Thursday: Jeanette Jenkins Kickboxing Bootcamp DVD
Friday: GoRow (rowing classes)
Saturday: Pilates / Yoga (completed a few short YouTube videos of Pilates and Yoga to stretch out and work on flexibility)
Sunday: Insanity Core Cardio and Balance

ClassPass has really encouraged me to switch up my workouts. Instead of going to the gym and doing the same steady state cardio followed by ab work, I’ve been switching between high intensity interval training, cardio, yoga and boxing.  Some other classes I want to try include a TRX suspension training class and a pilates reformer class. Maybe I’ll get one of those in this week!

This weekend was actually pretty relaxing for once. Tom and I had no plans and were able to go out to dinner both Friday and Saturday night. On Friday, after I got back from my rowing class, I hoped in the shower and quickly got ready before we headed over to our favorite local restaurant for dinner. I got a dirty martini while we waited to be seated and ordered the goat cheese and pear salad as my entree (by the way, I took zero pictures this weekend so I apologize for the lack of photos in the post).

On Saturday, we went to a memorial service for one of my friend’s mom who passed away unexpectedly about two months ago. It was absolutely heartbreaking but the speech my friend gave in remembrance of her mom was so touching and really encapsulated who she was — a driven, successful career woman and wonderful mom and wife.

Later in the day, Tom and I stopped by the mall to pick up a few things I needed for bridesmaid baskets (I’ll do a post on this once I have them all together). On our ride home we discussed what we wanted to do for dinner and decided on Mexican food. Once we walked Cleo we walked over to Baja, a local Mexican restaurant, where we ordered margaritas and devoured chips and salsa (we didn’t realize just how hungry we were until we started eating). I ordered the Fajita salad which was delicious but I did miss my usual order of quesadillas. I gave up bread and sweets for lent and usually I don’t miss bread when I don’t eat it but in this case I really wanted those quesadillas! We also each ordered another margarita (I tried the strawberry margarita and then the japaleno margarita while Tom had a regular and then the passion fruit). The winner: the passion fruit margarita. It was amazing and I’m ordering that next time without hesitation.

Once we got home we saw that Room was available on demand but we could only buy it. I read this book years ago and have been dying to see the movie. I somehow convinced Tom that we needed to buy it and it might be the first time I’ve ever said it was worth it. The movie was so good. I don’t want to give anything away but I think the movie did an amazing job of covering the end of the story and the struggles that continued after the ‘happy ending’.

Sunday was spent cleaning, working out and getting in a long walk with Tom and Cleo. And since I don’t have any other pictures to share, I’ll leave you with a picture of Cleo doing her favorite thing, people watching out the window.


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