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Decor Ideas for Our Small Balcony

With the warm weather approaching, Tom and I are getting anxious to purchase balcony furniture. We moved in last October and it was already getting cold by then so we decided to hold off on purchasing outdoor furniture so we wouldn’t have to store it. With temperatures hitting the 60s this week we’re ready to plan for spring/summer nights which we know will be spent out on our balcony eating dinner, chatting and enjoying the warm weather.

Our balcony is 12’8″ x 4′ so it’s long but very narrow. The ground is concrete and our balcony is pretty close to our neighbors so I’ve been taking these into consideration as I think of how I want to decorate.

Deck Tiles

Since I want our deck to be a comfortable, aesthetically pleasing place for us to hang out, I’ve been looking into options that will hide the concrete floor. While outdoor rugs are a good solution, I can see those getting extremely dirty and us having to wash them constantly. Deck tiles simply lay over the concrete surface and snap into place. Our building is very modern so I really like the look of these tiles:

Deck tilesPrivacy Screens

I’m not sure if we would get approval from our building’s management to have a privacy screen on our balcony but I love the idea of being able to have some privacy. There is only one balcony next to ours so a screen like this on that side of our balcony would allow some privacy while keeping the rest of the balcony open to the views. (FYI – Lowe’s has the best options I’ve found so far.)

privacy screen


Outdoor Seating Sets

This is where my indecisiveness comes in. Since our balcony is wide, I imagine us having wide, comfortable chairs that we can hang out in whether we’re eating or just lounging. Something like this is what I’d ultimately love to have but I’m a little worried about the room it leaves for a grill (which we will be putting on our balcony as well).

HomeDepotStyle6_altI also love the idea of having a bench up against one end of the balcony that can be used as an ottoman or seating for friends when you have company over and want to enjoy cocktails and appetizers on the balcony.


Since we don’t have the room for that and I don’t want the balcony to be too crowded with furniture, I think a solution like this would be great. The foot stools fit underneath the chairs and can be brought out when you want to prop your feet. I’m not sure how great they would be to use as extra seating but I can see them being used for that as well.

balcony furniture I plan on showing Tom the 100 links I’ve sent myself of different furniture options so hopefully we’ll make a decision soon so we can start decorating! If you can’t tell, I’m so over winter and I’m more than ready for summer weather.