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4th of July in Rhode Island

I finally have a laptop! I had been using a work computer for the past three years and after leaving my job a few months ago I’ve been computer-less. Any posts that were written since I left my job (which hasn’t been many) were written from Tom’s computer or my iPhone. It’s nice to have a computer again!

I know I’ve been MIA on the blog for awhile but for good reasons. One of them being that I was in Rhode Island for the past two weeks with my extended family. Since graduating I’ve only gone up for a weekend or two for the fourth of July so it was nice to be able to spend the entire two weeks with my family.

Here are some highlights from the first week:

The night I arrived my cousins and I sat out on the dock watching the sunset while drinking wine. It was the perfect way to start off the vacation.

Ali and Cleo

Cleo was not scared of being near the water at all.

She did not, however, love being in the water.

Cleo swimming

Cleo swimming

We got in a lot of fishing this trip.

Tom fishing

On the 4th of July we took a cocktail cruise around Jamestown and Newport Harbor and it wound up being cloudy but warm (which was much better than the anticipated rain we were supposed to get). 
Tom and Ali

Tom Ali Cleo

Cleo in sunglasses

Cleo on the 4th of July

Tom and Ali

Coastal Queen

When we returned to the house after our cruise this Mexican dip was waiting for us:

mexican dip


Tom and I took a long bike ride around the Island one morning and wound up at the lighthouse at the end of the island.lighthouse

cliffsWe took plenty of rides on the motorboat and Cleo loved having her face in the wind.

Ali and Cleo

Since I was in Rhode Island for two weeks I joined the gym my grandfather goes to (which I’ve done in the past) and they had a new classroom in the basement that you could use during non-class times and I utilized this room almost every morning. My cousin and I put together a few circuits that included ropes, boxing and weights.

This picture in my family’s Rhode Island house kills me. This is me and my nana (I was quite attached to her growing up and my first sentence was “Put baby down” when she was holding my younger sister.) This and nanaOne of my favorite things about being in Rhode Island is the sunsets, they’re incredible.
sunsetThat about sums up my first week in Rhode Island. I’ll be back tomorrow with my recap of the second week!