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My Pre-Workout Meals

I like to get my workouts done first thing in the morning. This way, nothing else that comes up during the day can prevent me from getting in a sweat session. Sometimes this isn’t always possible but no matter what time I get my workout in, one thing remains the same: I always make sure to have a pre-workout meal that will fuel me properly.

I eat 45-60 minutes before my workout. Eating something with carbohydrates and protein will ensure you’re properly fueled for your workout and will give you endurance to work hard. Here are some of my favorite pre-workout meals and snacks:

  • A smoothie bowl. Blend your favorite fruit (I love to use blueberries and banana) with almond milk and top with chia seeds, coconut flakes and granola.

smothie bowl

  • Oatmeal. I love to switch up what I mix into it. One of my favorite combos to add in is peanut butter and banana but you can add any fruit or nuts. oatmeal
  • Plain greek yogurt. I like to mix in different fruit (especially raspberries), almonds or occasionally honey if I’m craving something sweet. The fruit versions of greek yogurt can come with a lot of added sugar and preservatives so I prefer to buy plain and add my own mixings.

greek yogurt with almonds

  • Eggs. Eggs are great because they’re healthy but also filling and will keep you full for awhile. I love scrambled eggs mixed with pepper, broccoli and hot sauce.

scrambled eggs

  • Fruit or rice cakes with peanut butter. If you don’t have much time to digest prior to your workout or are looking for something on the lighter side, a rice cake with peanut butter or fruit with peanut butter (bananas and apples are my favorite to pair with PB), are great options.

peanut butter and rice cake

bananas and pb

  • Avocado toast. Rye toast with pepper and avocado spread on top. So good.

avocado toast

What are your favorite pre-workout meals?