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Weekend Recap 8.3.15 – Girls Weekend and Scrambled Eggs in 30 Seconds

Good morning! This was another weekend that flew by but I’m excited to have a low-key week. I’m basically in limbo just waiting to register for my last class (which I can’t do until next week) so this week will include a lot of workouts, errands and relaxing. I’m also starting to reach out to some occupational therapists in the area to start shadowing in September. August is my last month of relaxation before I will have barely any free time with classes and working so I’m enjoying it as much as I can while it lasts!

This weekend was a good one. Friday was spent going to the gym, going grocery shopping, picking up some flowers for the apartment and making dinner — tacos (for Tom) and a taco salad (for me).


taco salad

After dinner we had some popcorn while watching the first two episodes of the Wet Hot American Summer Netflix series. I find Paul Rudd’s character hilarious and the overall is pretty funny but it’s definitely “stupid humor” so you have to be in the mood for that kind of humor when you watch it.

Saturday morning I made scrambled eggs for Tom and I. I’ve been making my scrambled eggs a little differently ever since watching this video where the chef is adamant 30 seconds is all it takes to make scrambled eggs (I can’t find the video but will insert the link when I find it). Basically, I put a small spoonful of coconut oil (you can use butter) on a pan, set the heat to medium high and let the pan heat up while I crack the eggs, add milk and whisk. By the time I put the eggs on the pan, the pan is really hot. I lower the heat to medium, wait 3 seconds before using a spatula to scrape the eggs around the sides and move/flip them around for 30 seconds and they’re done! Eggs in 30 seconds! They come out so well every time.

scrambled eggs

Can’t have scrambled eggs without Frank’s hot sauce.

After digesting we went to the gym where I did 45 minutes on the bike followed by 10 minutes of abs. Once I got home it was time to quickly shower and get ready before my friend Courtney picked me up to meet with our friends Cailey and Lisa. Cailey’s getting married next June and we had plans to start searching for bridesmaids dresses. We didn’t have any luck so we decided to grab lunch (and mimosas) on the water in Edgewater. We went to HAVEN Riverfront Restaurant & Bar and sat outside since it was so nice out. I ordered the tuscan grilled chicken salad with baby spinach instead of kale and ate every last bite.

tuscan grilled chicken salad

Baby spinach, sweet potato, pickled rhubarb, pecans, pomegranate, onions, cherry tomato, miso blood-orange vinaigrette

After lunch, Lisa and Courtney both had to leave so Cailey and I headed back to my parents’ house to meet up with my sister and a few other friends. We sat on the back deck drinking more mimosas and played a few rounds of spike ball (so fun). My uncle and grandmother came over later in the day for dinner and Cailey and I played spike ball again with my dad and uncle. We are all super competitive so it was so fun to play against each other. My dad and I lost the first game but won the second. We would have had a tie breaker but it started to rain so we headed back upstairs to eat the dinner my mom had prepared. After eating our greek salads and lasagna we hung out for a few more hours at my house before my friends and I went to Boomburger. It was surprisingly packed which we discovered was due to the UFC fights that were on. I was excited to watch Ronda Rousey’s match against Bethe Correia after watching all her pre-fight interviews and wasn’t disappointed to see her dominate in 34 seconds. So impressive.

Ali and Allyn

Me and Allyn

We ended the night at the diner and I didn’t get to bed until almost 4 am which hasn’t happened since college. Needless to say I was exhausted and wound up sleeping until 11 am (another thing that hasn’t happened in so long). I met up with Cailey and her fiancee at the reservation near my parents’ house and we went hiking with their dog, Stella, and my brother’s dog, Hank.

HankBy the end of the hike I was ready to collapse on my couch so I had my mom drop me off at the train station to take the train home.Tom met me at the station with Cleo and the second I got home I showered and planted myself in bed with a book for the rest of the day. We ordered pizza for dinner and I was passed out by 10 pm. Now you can see why I’m looking forward to a low-key week!