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The Way To My Heart…

I got home from work yesterday and was greeted by my sister and best friends at my apartment. My sister had champagne waiting…she really knows the way to my heart.

birthday with friendsWe quickly got ready for dinner while we sipped on the champagne.  As usual, the guys came up from their apartment downstairs to hurry us up. Once we were all ready we made the walk down to the restaurant where I made reservations for my birthday dinner.

It was my first time eating at Court Street Restaurant and Bar but I had heard great things previously. Their menu is huge and everyone had a hard time deciding what to order—everything sounded so good! 

Court Street RestaurantWe started off with drinks and each ordered our own appetizer.  They have a lot of seafood on the menu and once I spotted steamed clams on their specials menu I knew I would order it – I can’t pass up steamed clams! They came in a garlic sauce and were very good.

As my entree I ordered the chicken marsala with mashed potatoes which I’d also highly recommend.  They also have a chicken marsala entree that is topped with mozzarella and prosciutto which I heard is fabulous (I almost ordered it but I’m weird about eating prosciutto sometimes, don’t ask me why).

The best part of the meal though?

cold stone cakeI may or may not have dropped about 20 hints that I wanted a cake from Cold Stone for my birthday. Tom pulled through on this one! I was so excited I almost set my hair on fire while blowing out the candles, which really would have put a damper on the birthday celebrations.

Once we walked back up to our apartment I finished packing for the weekend and called it a night.

I woke up and started the day with a smoothie (blueberries, raspberries, spinach and almond milk) and got my last-minute items packed before leaving for work. I’m at work today until 2 pm (one more hour to go!) before I take the train back home to my parents’ house to run errands, get my car, pick up a few friends and head up to Rhode Island! 

I’m currently eating my lunch at my desk which hopefully will hold me over until dinner (which will probably be a sandwich that I eat on our drive up).

saladRomaine, carrots, corn, grape tomatoes, eggs with chipotle vinaigrette. 

I’m hoping to squeeze in a quick workout at my parents’ house before leaving for the weekend so we’ll see how that goes. I probably won’t be checking in much the next few days but when I come back I’ll have a lot to update you on!