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Thinking Out Loud #11 – Catching Up

Has it really been a whole month since my last post?! Last I checked in I was heading off to Rhode Island for Memorial Day weekend and since then have taken an unintentional break from blogging. Since catching up will definitely include a lot of randomness, a Thinking Out Loud post is a great way to do it!


1. It feels like my days revolve around a 13 pound puppy. Probably because they do. Cleo is finally trained but I’ve been taking her outside for walks every two hours in the process (something only unemployment – or working from home – will allow). These walks are eating up a large majority of my day.

2. Speaking of being unemployed, I’ve spent the past month trying to figure out what I want to do with my life. After a lot of discussions with family/friends, thinking and researching my options, I finally feel like I decided on a career path that’s right for me. In order to pursue it I have a few hurdles I need to jump over first so I’ll be sure to expand on this more in the coming weeks.

3. I started riding again and have been loving it. I’ve been riding since I was really young but stopped during my last few years of high school and college. Since I’ve found myself with lots of free time since quitting my job, my mom has been kind enough to let me borrow her horse. I brought Cleo to the stable yesterday and she was a little apprehensive about these huge animals. To say she was exhausted on the ride home is an understatement.

ali, sneakers, cleo


4. I went to the DMB concert last week at PNC Bank Arts Center and it was sooo good. I forgot how much I enjoy summer concerts.

john and ali

5. We’ve been celebrating birthdays like crazy around here lately and I’m not complaining. It seems the majority of my friends were born in June! We’ve been enjoying Saturdays spent with friends at the pier and it’s been so much fun.

jenny and ali

My sister, Jenny, and me

6. Our friend from Syracuse was playing at a local bar last week so we had a little reunion to watch him play. Mike, who plays in the band, was in Tom’s fraternity and Dolores was in my sorority (she was my Little and actually went to my stable before college which is the first place I met her before she wound up joining Tridelt! small world).

mike, dolores, tom, ali ali and dolores

7. I’ve had a sinus infection for the past week and am so over being sick. I finally feel better after taking last week off from working out and drinking lots of green juice but I’m still a little congested and can’t wait to breathe normally again.

green smoothieI still have a lot to cover (I never did post my Epcot recommendations or my recap of Memorial Day weekend) so I’ll be sure to work those in at some point as well as my recent workouts and some recipes I’ve been loving lately.

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