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Our Last Day in Iceland

Our last full day in Reykjavik was dedicated to sight-seeing and exploring the city. We grabbed brunch at The Paris Cafe which was conveniently located right across the street from our hotel before venturing to Hallgrimskirkja church. When you enter the church you pay a small fee to take the elevator to the top level where you can take in the beautiful views of Reykjavik.

Hallgrimskirkja church


IMG_5819 views from Hallgrimskirkja church view from Hallgrimskirkja church

Reykjavik Reykjavik from Hallgrimskirkja church Once we were done snapping photos and taking in the beauty of the city we were on a mission to find more coffee. I had come across Reykjavik Roasters in an article I found online while researching our trip to Iceland and when I mapped out where it was it turned out to be just a few blocks from the church.  It was a small, unassuming hole-in-the-wall type of place with mismatched furniture and a quiet vibe.

FullSizeRenderThis was actually my cappuccino from Cafe Paris but I ordered another cappuccino at Reykjavik Roasters because when I’m on vacation I tend to think I can drink unlimited cappuccinos all day.

We then walked down to the water for more photo ops.IMG_5826




One of the things on Tom’s to-do list while we were in Iceland was to try fermented shark. I had read that 3 Frakkar was the place to try it but when we found the restaurant we realized it was closed for a few more hours so we decided to try a small cafe was saw by the church called Cafe Loki. This cafe was so cute and we sat by a window which had a great view.

iceland church

They had a fermented shark sampler which came with four small bites. Tom bought a shot of Brennivin (Iceland’s “black death schnapps”) which is recommended to wash down the shark. I actually have the video of him tasting his first bite and it’s hilarious. Somehow I got talked into trying it even after seeing his initial reaction and I couldn’t even get it down. I was like a 5-year old who spit out their veggies. It was terrible and my body was not having it. I also think I smelled like it for the rest of the day (it smells of ammonia, as if that wasn’t reason enough not to eat it).  But you know, when in Iceland…

tom trying shark

hot chocolate

This hot chocolate from Cafe Loki was amazing though, so if you go there, go with the hot chocolate not the shark.

We walked around for awhile longer before heading back to the hotel. At this point I was full-on sick and felt absolutely terrible. Tom said we could order room service or pick up food instead of going out but I didn’t want to be a buzzkill on the last night so I said I wouldn’t mind going to the restaurant we had decided on for dinner. We made the short 10-minute walk to Slippbarinn by the water. I don’t know if it was because we were eating dinner somewhat early or because it was a Sunday night but the restaurant was pretty empty. They had a great menu though and I ordered the veggie flatbread with goat cheese, pears, pickled chili, grapefruit and pesto. It was delicious. slippbarinnslipbarrin We had heard Icelandic Fish and Chips, as the name suggests, serves amazing fish and chips so Tom kept his dinner light and then we stopped by there on the way home so he could try it (two dinners, no big deal). You do what you gotta do when you’re trying to fit everything in! By this point I was more than ready for bed so we went straight back to the hotel to sleep.

In the morning we had time to pack and then grab a quick breakfast at the Laundromat Cafe (highly recommended) where I got avocado toast before it was time to drive back to the airport. We absolutely loved our trip and have already talked about going back in the warmer months to experience it in the summer!
IMG_5838 IMG_5837 IMG_5830